Yoga Classes

Body in Balance Yoga offers the most enriching Yoga classes and experiences for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced practitioners of Yoga and Meditation. There's something for everyone's body, mind and spirit within the scope of offerings throughout each day.

Practice with us and see positive results, distinct differences and abundance in your life balance, health and happiness.

Please be mindful of making Reservations since space fills quickly. Use MindBody Connect for ease. Arrive as early as possible & secure your spot - Reservations are lifted 5 minutes before class for walk-ins. Thank you for being present and practicing with us.

Private Yoga Classes & Corporate Yoga

Restore & Rejuvenate


A yoga practice, combining breath with movement through a deep stretch. Weaving restorative postures and meditation. Explore your limits and go deeper into your asana practice. Clearing your mind so you can perform at your highest potential. Leave feeling mentally and physically recharged. All Levels


Morning Stretch



Early-morning 40 minute Vinyasa practice will leave you inspired and awake, ready to face the world! Vinyasa means linking breath and movement for a dynamic flow–moving prana, life-force and energizing you physically and mentally.  We will end with a 20 minute Nidra, setting an intention for the day.  All level class.  (Class schedule)


Restorative Yoga


Focuses on relaxing the body in supported poses, guided relaxations, and yoga breathing.  This is a deeply nurturing series of postures that help to open and soothe the body. In restorative yoga props such as blocks, blankets and bolsters are often used to provide support. All level class.

Roll It Out


Imagine being able to give yourself a therapeutic massage.
In this class you'll be able to tuck into those tight muscles, just the way you like it.
This restorative class focuses on muscle tension release and restorative yoga. We'll be using firm tune-up balls to pin point and hit the spots where you need that pressure the most. Foam rollers will also be used for some myofascia massage release. In this way, you'll be able to get to the smallest and larger area of muscle using these and other props. 1hr20mins will fly by in no time at all!


Yoga Nidra



A practice of guided sleep meditation technique, using a series of body, breath and awareness. Designed for a profound deep restorative state that balances excessive tension and stress.  All levels class. Recommendation: Bring a beach towel or blanket, eye pillow and dress in comfortable clothing. All level class.

Hatha Yoga


Ha-meaning “Sun” Tha-meaning “Moon“, A union of the pairs of opposites. A moderate paced class to allow a fuller expression of each posture (asana). This practice includes breathing deeply into each posture, connecting breath with various movements, and releasing tension held in our muscles and connective tissues. The ultimate goal is to feel more open, clear and balanced & reconnect with our body, mind and spirit to energize the body.

Vinyasa Yoga


Invigorating yoga practice, combining breath with movement through a steady and vigorous sequence of asanas (poses). Explore your limits and go deeper into your asana practice. Challenge yourself with advanced variations of classic asana. Leave feeling mentally and physically recharged.

Detox and De-stress is designed to focus on movements and breath that detoxify the body; many times the class will also focus on core strength as well, but not always. Toward the end of class techniques are utilized to release stress and bring peace of mind. Instruction is often given on how to use techniques off the mat throughout your week to continue to detoxify the body and help release / handle stress.

Detox & De-stress


Inner Core Flow


Inspired by Sadie Nardini's Core Strength Vinyasa, this transitional style of Yoga puts emphasis on the transitions from pose to pose. Utilizing the deep inner core muscles we learn to arrive into poses with improved alignment and grace. Using breath and a deeper connection to our foundation, CSV strives to teach us how to practice yoga with less compression and stress on joints, like the wrists and spine. The principle that no two bodies are the same will allow for adaption and growth within a student’s own yoga practice.


Fuel & Focus

(All Levels)

A class designed to get you through the rest of your busy week.  Appropriate for all levels, this class combines a dynamic flow with periods of longer hold times.  The breath is used as a vehicle to both give physical stamina and create a peaceful and focused mindset.  The physical portion of class is designed to strengthen the body and connect us with our personal power.  Cool down and relaxation at the end of class gives the student tools that can be used off the mat to bring more peace and focus throughout the day.


Deeply held stretches in fundamental positions, the meditative yin style of yoga focuses on releasing the body into new positions in order to relieve chronic physical stress, improving circulation and unlocking range of motion. The connective tissue of the body benefits tremendously from this style of yoga and is a perfect class for athletes such as runners, cyclists, swimmers and also people from all backgrounds seeking a good, deep stretch. All level class.

Yin Yoga

(All levels)


Yin Yang Flow

(All levels)

All levels class. Come in for a fun, flow style of class to build strength, muscular endurance, stamina and balance. Yin/Yang flow will focus on moving dynamically yet consciously through postures ranging from basic to intermediate with options to increase difficulty according to the needs of the student. Postures are sequenced together in a flow style in order to strengthen and fatigue muscles with periods of longer held poses interspersed throughout class to relax and release the body.


This energetic class combines the mindfulness of yoga with strength and high intensity interval training -- aka HiiT -- for a practice that promotes lean muscle, weight loss and endurance. Each class will include foundational yoga poses, with weights incorporated for muscle sculpting and HiiT for improved metabolic and cardiovascular function and optimized fat burning. You can expect a fun and challenging workout that will leave you feeling strong and energized.

Pumped-Up Yoga HiiT

(All levels)


Hatha Gong™

(All levels)

Hatha Gong Yoga technique lifts the asana practice of yoga onto a new and exciting stage. As students engage in different poses, their movement is accompanied by the fulfilling vibration of the gong with specific tones structured to complement each asana. Discover a depth of awareness as the gong activates each chakra, weaving the fabric of union between body, mind and spirit.


In Happy Hips and Shoulders we stretch the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the hips and shoulder girdle then move into strengthening the muscles around the shoulders bringing a balance to the upper and lower halves of the body. You may notice a difference after the first class but give a month or so and you will notice a difference not only in sustaining poses on your mat in various classes but off the mat in your daily routine as well. 

Happy Hips & Shoulders

(All levels)