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Pilates, Barre & Yoga Studio in Chandler

Our Intention
At Body in Balance Yoga Studio, our goal is to share our knowledge and passion which brings us into relationship with ourselves, others, and the spirit of the universe!

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Body in Balance Yoga provides a therapeutic approach to fitness with a variety of healing modalities. We offer the most enriching experiences for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners of Yoga, Barre and Pilates.

There's something for everyone's body, mind and spirit within the scope of offerings throughout each day. Practice with us and see positive results, distinct differences and abundance in your life balance, health and happiness.

Located in Chandler, Arizona, Body In Balance Yoga Studio provides a safe and non-judging environment for families and individuals to explore the benefits to both mind and body.

Please be mindful of making Reservations since space fills quickly. Use MindBody Connect for ease. Arrive as early as possible & secure your spot - reservations are lifted 5 minutes before class for walk-ins.

Thank you for being present and practicing with us.


We offer a variety of beginner, all level classes and intermediate classes in our yoga studio to get you through your week. Whether you are seeking to bring peace and focus to your busy day, or to improve physical strength, flexibility and stamina, Body in Balance Yoga will guide you in reconnecting with your body, mind, and spirit.

Our Active Yoga classes include Hatha Yoga,  Detox & De-Stress, Hatha Fuel Flow , Vinyasa, Yin/Yang Flow , Happy Hips & Shoulders, Kids Yoga, and Yoga for Beginners 101 Foundations .

Our Relaxing and Renewing Yoga classes include Yoga Nidra, Restorative and Yin.
We offer private Reiki and Yoga classes for those look for a personal session. Corporate events and classes are also available.

Group Yoga Class Descriptions
Corporate & Private Yoga Classes


Body in Balance Yoga Studio has a range of Pilates classes available including Tower Pilates, Jump Board Pilates, Chair Pilates, Mat Pilates, and Pilates Reformer.
A variety of styles and props may be used including magic circles, stability balls, resistance bands, hand weights, and some Barre to challenge your core while providing you with a full body workout.

Classes improve balance, core strength, breathing, and posture. In this way the body is uniformly developed, physical vitality is restored, the mind invigorated, and the spirit elevated, creating complete coordination.

Pilates Reformer Machines

The Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment that provides resistance with a series of springs and ropes. Adding rings, rollers, balls, and spine corrector barrels, you will develop strength and flexibility all in one class. Space is limited to 4 students per class. This enables our instructor to correct and modify for all fitness levels and ages.

Pre-registration is required for all Reformer classes and a 24 hour cancellation notice is required before the start of the class. Participation is limited to 4 students per class. This class requires a private initial assessment and approval by instructor. Call us to book your initial assessment class: (480) 365 9649. Located in the Equipment Tab.  Toe socks must be worn during Reformer Classes. 

Private Pilates Classes


Barre is a fitness class inspired by elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga, dance and strength training. Our Barre classes are fat burning workouts that integrate the use of the ballet barre, light weights and props. You may even recognize some plies and pirouettes in the workout sessions.

Each class includes highly effective sequences of toning and resistance exercises with an emphasis on the core, arms, seat and thighs. Movement is choreographed to motivating music. Strengthening is followed by stretching to create long, lean muscle without bulk.

These are challenging, no impact classes that require focus and precision for maximum results. Toe socks must be worn during Barre Classes.

Enjoy Bubbly at the Barre every Friday evening at 6pm!




  Monthly Sunday morning GODDESS CIRCLES  Join us for this Complimentary women's event at Body in Balance Yoga.  Learn more...

Monthly Sunday morning GODDESS CIRCLES
Join us for this Complimentary women's event at Body in Balance Yoga.
Learn more...