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I have been to this yoga studio five times and have had four different teachers. All have been great! I love that I am exercising my body while at the same time feeling nurtured, respected, and becoming more self aware! - Jan Libera
I went to the yoga class, and it was pretty amazing. I like how the instructor adjusts your positions and challenges you.  - Natasha Ganesh
Great yoga class! - Alicia Schwartzmann
Awesome instructor. - Janet Keating
I really enjoy Body in Balance. Every teacher I have had there has been knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. - Kelli Congero
Best barre class ever! - Elizabeth Ochoa
Great barre class! - Alicia Schwartzmann
Everyone is friendly and helpful. I was very uncomfortable to attend a class because I am new to yoga, but I was wrong to feel like this. - LeAnna Almazan
I love this studio. Instructors take such care with their teachings, and ensuring students get the most out of their classes. I also love the small class sizes. The variety of classes will also keep me coming back! - Sarah Cummings
I have been going to Body in Balance for several months now and I love it. There is a great selection of classes at really good times, and I really like all the instructors! It's the most affordable yoga I've seen in the valley and I'm so glad to have come across this place!  - Jessica Braboy
Love the studio and the teachers are super good my life is much better since I found this class. - Michele Narvaez
This place is so GREAT, such a beautiful studio!  Very welcoming and has a very good vibe.   You can choose from so many classes; Yoga, Barre, Pilates Reformer and Pilates mat.  It has fabulous instructors and good location with tons of parking.  They have a variety of yoga classes and I have tried all of them, some better for beginners and others that are more challenging.  The instructors are all very knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable.   The class packages are reasonable and the owner of the studio really cares about the customers.They have even offered kids yoga classes as well as adult classes.- Kathy S. Chandler, AZ
So glad I found this place. Comfortable studio, small class size with variety of classes and all the instructors are amazing! - L K. Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
A great place to try yoga for the first time; smaller classes. Wonderful yogi instructors with many types of yoga classes to choose from. Grant and Evelyn are the main instructors I've practiced with. After class you will feel clarity and centered. High recommend giving it a go. First class is free! - Dustin Hauptli
If you're looking for a yoga studio close to home with many options for different classes with a variety of instructors, styles, and difficulty levels... Body in Balance Yoga is the place to be! There is such a diverse array of options for anyone of any background, the environment is clean, welcoming, and open to all. A really great studio... and the prices are phenomenal. Come get your first class for free and when you love it, sign up for unlimited yoga for the first month at only $55. Hope to see you there :) - Grant Ifflander

There is no better studio out there. As a physical therapist, I am constantly in search of quality places like this to send my patients towards as they discharge.
I have no hesitation in sending patients to Evelyn - she is fantastic!
- Eric Christensen

As a teacher I am so happy that this studio offers 10% off to educators. We have organized a group of teachers to come and enjoy classes here together at least once a week! The staff are so friendly and you can tell that they truly care about promoting a healthy lifestyle. - Melissa Olsen

Perhaps the best thing about BIBY is that it offers something for every body, mood or practice. I tried the Pilates reformer class at the grand opening last weekend and LOVED it! Looking forward to exploring more of the classes, including Barre and Hatha Gong. - Kimberlee Morrison

I was at the grand opening and it was my first experience with yoga. The facility gave me the chills when I walked around, I felt the energy and was immediately uplifted with a good vibes. If you want immediate impact in your life this is the studio for your family and friends! - Vincent Castro

Beautiful studio and friendly staff!!! - Sara Gordon

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Nick Labadie 10/10. This is a great spot for Yoga. I'm a beginner with some joint issues, so am particularly pleased that there is a range of classes at good times with instructors who are willing to take the time to offer options and suggestions for folks with injuries that need to adjust their practice and positions. Evelyn's classes are my favorite because she's awesome!

Christine Garcia 10/10. The atmosphere is awesome. Clean and comfortable.  The classes are appropriate for yogi's at every level.  Evelyn has a soothing voice and is easy to understand while participating in the practice.  As a lover of yoga, to me, it is evident that there is a lot that goes into each class, it is a refreshing experience every time.  I have been to this studio over the last year and I always leave feeling as though I had the best yoga experience ever. 

Pam Kratzenberg 10/10. This is a great studio that offers a variety of classes. I always leave feeling physically and mentally balanced. 

Bala Khanwalker 9/10. The instructors are awesome.

Brandi Lawrence 9/10. Small intimate classes, friendly instructors.

Christine Cordray 10/10. Nice instructors, clean environment , variety of classes.

Michele Narvaez 10/10. The teachers are very prepared and friendly. The studio is not too big so is never so crowded.

Elizabeth Ochoa 10/10. The instructor is great! Everyone is very friendly and approachable. The room is comfortable to work out in. 

Echo Williams 9/10. Julie was such a fun, upbeat instructor. I like how she gave the new people instructions on how to modify movements to make it easier but still follow good technique. I got a really good workout from the barre class. (I still feel it in my calves 2 days later.) 

Kelli Congero 10/10. Great teaching! 

Lori Finucane 10/10. I enjoy the studio very much, I have done several different classes and all the instructors are awesome.

Marina Ambus 10/10.  Love the instructor Sara, owner Evelyn and the nice studio!!

Jonelle Mefford 10/10. I really enjoyed the class......The instructor (Rose) is both patient and mindful of existing injuries ...making sure you go at your own pace and not over extending . I was able to stretch out new body parts and learn new things. I will definitely go to classes she teaches , as well as bring newbies!!!

Cindy Bray 10/10. Lisa is great!

Julie Miller 10/10. The Amazing classes

Carey Paulo 8/10 Have more classes offered! 

Amanda Kizer 10/10. Friendly and personable!! And a great workout!

Sarah Cummings 10/10. Very welcoming! Excited to expand my practice here!

Karen Weatherford-zaluza 10/10. Great customer service. Very friendly and accommodating. Very clean studio. Instructor was grat and knew her stuff.

Jessica Braboy 10/10. Great space, great instructors, very welcoming. I'm excited to come here more often. Cheapest yoga membership I've ever seen! Great deal!! 

Diana Hernandez 6/10. I wouldn't say disappoint by any means. The yoga style at body and balances more restorative I would recommend someone with an injury or for Spiritual balance but unfortunately I haven't found the classes to be very difficult in the form of exercise like a Power Yoga. Instructors are all great and I have been introduced to a new type of yoga I haven't done before but again I think it's best for injuries or older client. The location is also so far for me I signed up with a friend but I am enjoying it for what it is.

Marilyn Smith 10/10. Great staff. Friendly, professional, informative . Really felt that they were there to help me achieve my goals. 

Charmaine Abella 10/10. The classes are small and feel more personal. I also love the variety of classes and the studio!

Rachel Romero 9/10. Teacher was great.

Alicia Serna 10/10. I like the small class size and the ability to reserve a spot.  Other yoga places are all walk-ins and it can get crowded.

Cathy Moody 10/10. First ever yoga class. Debbie was great!

Joy Nelson 10/10. Small class and amazing instructor

Beverly Hassell 10/10. Friendly staff makes you feel welcome. Yoga instructor very knowledgeable.

Jessie Antoun 10/10. Jordan's barre class is awesome! 

Anna Ebert 8/10. The studio is sometimes a little loud when the other classes are going on. Overall, love having these specialty yoga classes available in our part of town! As much as I love having the classes to myself sometimes, I think the classes are on par with Arcadia/Central Phoenix/Scottsdale and people in this part of town just aren't aware. if you aren't a member of the Ahwatukee 411 Facebook group, I suggest joining, as people ask for local fitness options. I try to plug you guys when those come up, but it always means more when the business owner can then chime in on the thread.

Debbie Kaiser 10/10. All the instructors are extremely personable and they actually look at each student to make sure poses are correct.  I enjoy the classes, I can always feel the work out.  The class times are also convenient.

Rey Ortiz 10/10. Everything! I'm in love with the studio, the vibe, the instructors. This has been an awesome experience and I'm excited to keep participating! The owner is so personable and makes you feel welcome. The studio brings a lot of great people as well, I've already recommended this to a lot of my friends and coworkers. Awesome place all around. 

Rose Velasco 10/10. Knowledgeable instructors, good variety of classes, clean studio.

Paul Heitmeyer 10/10. Evelyn and Jordan were both patient and knowledgeable.   Great teachers and looking forward to more!

Julie Rayburn 10/10. Lots of choices!

Carly Kappus 10/10. Awesome teacher, fun class, good energy, super cute room. Loved the juice sample at the end. Great experience all around. 

Ellen Ostrand 10/10. Amazing friendly staff, awesome instructors, top quality equipment!

Winter Morris 10/10. A perfectcombination of friendly and skilled instructors in a clean and pleasant space. The instructors always ask if there are special needs to work on and are adept at tailoring the day's class with effective healing postures if needed. The classes adapt to all skill levels and will push you to find - but not cross - your edge.  I always leave there feeling I've had a great work out, happy to face the rest of the day and eager to return. 

Ron Fischer 10/10. Great instructors great facility.

Candace Reisinger 10/10. Instructors are awesome!

John Houston 9/10. Staff expertise.

Bonnie Crouch 10/10. I am impressed with the skill and knowledge of the instructors I've taken classes from, and the attention to the details of how to properly execute the movements.

Bobbi Woodson 10/10. Very friendly staff and clean location!

Bonnie Kroeger 10/10. Total stress release experience!  Just what I was looking for.

Rumiko Nakai 8/10. I will recommend if I was asked

Tara Touvell 10/10. Great studio and teachers!

Elise Backstrom 10/10. Jordan is amazing.

Rebecca Bartley 10/10. Instructors are wonderful!

Priyanka Kotwani 10/10. Awesome

Karen Swanson 10/10. The instructor was friendly and professional.  I also liked the small, more intimate class feel. 

Natalie Busch 10/10. I have enjoyed all of the classes I have taken.  The workouts how been great and I leave feeling happy.  The instructors have been so kind to me and my daughter and I love the positive vibe I feel when I come in to the studio. 

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