Private Yoga & Corporate Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Sessions: Customized to honor your intentions

Private yoga is the perfect yoga for beginners, practitioners who want to further their yoga or anyone with special requirements and goals for their yoga practice.

Time: 60, 75 and 90 minute timeframe options.
Fees: Varies based on single or couple lessons, timeframe and location.
Locations: Private Yoga can be held at my Chandler location or at your home.

Contact with the following information:
1. Length of private yoga class you would like to schedule.
2. Potential dates and times that you are available over the course of 3 weeks.
3. Your goals and needs for your private lesson, including injuries or other health conditions.

Private yoga for beginners

If you are new to yoga, private yoga classes are ideal for attaining a solid foundation of the basics, like correct alignment, core poses and modification for inflexibility or injuries. You can build strength and improve flexibility at your own pace. Private classes also give beginners the confidence to eventually take group classes where you can move through poses at the pace of the rest of the class.

Private Prenatal Yoga Classes

As an expecting mother, it is reassuring to know you can take a private yoga class with a trained yoga prenatal specialist. Yoga modifications for pregnant women mean that you can still enjoy the benefits of your yoga practice safely and confidently. Breathing exercises and pelvic floor exercises can also help prepare pregnant women for childbirth. 

Corporate Yoga:

Bringing balance to you and your business.  

Body in Balance Yoga offers the most accessible and gentle yoga classes in the Tempe, Chandler and Phoenix Area. We can design a program to meet your needs and your staff. Bringing a wellness program to your company will enhance the performance and life style of your employees.   

Customized Yoga programming is our specialty.

A few key benefits of Yoga for Corporates:
• Enhanced memory & mental clarity
• Sustained focus & concentration
• Greater productivity
• Improved posture, balance & strength
• Mental &physical flexibility
• Increased health and fitness, inside & out.

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Private Pilates Reformer, Chandler, AZ

When working one-on-one, I am able to customize each workout to suit your individual needs; whether it’s helping you rehabilitate an injury, change poor postural habits, gain a competitive edge as an athlete, or just alleviate muscle imbalances and stress.

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