Evelyn Steeb

Owner & Instructor (500 RYT, 200 ERYT)

I have enjoyed and practiced yoga for the past 25 years.  In 2013 received my 200 hours of yoga teacher training. In 2015 I completed my 500 hours at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona studying under the instruction of Laura McKenzie and Mary Bruce. In the past two years I completed my certificates in Advance Yoga Nidra, Master Reiki and Hatha Gong.  I am currently assisting in the yoga teacher training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. “Yoga has helped me in so many ways in the past few years… Bringing balance to my life and giving me patience in what is next. “Living in the now, always doing my best, and letting all my decisions and path of action come from my heart.”  So for me, I would like to bring that experience to my students and share the joy with others.

Lisa Grunwald

Yoga Instructor (500 RYT) / Reiki / Gong

Trinity Gullveig is an advanced yoga teacher (500hr RYT), meditation teacher, writer, artist, gong practitioner, and Reiki teacher.  She has held an active yoga practice since 2001 and has been teaching since 2012.  Her journey began with her battle against depression and anxiety.  She found that the physical practice and breathing techniques of yoga gave her tools to help her manage her panic attacks and that meditation eventually allowed her to regain her life back from depression and the daily onslaught of anxiety. 

She is especially passionate about guiding young people as well as women of all ages to discover how amazing and strong they truly are.  Growing up as a teen martial artist herself, she knows how important connecting with the body can be to empower a young person.  As an adult, she found yoga to be instrumental in helping her understand her own potential and strength, which included finding empowerment through her femininity, instead of despite her femininity.  She finds it an honor to pass on yoga techniques that enhance physical strength and well-being, boost self-confidence, and create a clear, focused, and creative mind. 

Donna Van Wyk

RYT Yoga Instructor & Barre Instructor

Growing up in South Africa, Donna is an outdoor enthusiast who has been interested in a colorful array of sports and activates throughout her life. She started her personal yoga practice 10 years ago, realizing it brought balance to her busy life and conditioned her body for other sports. Being a well-versed traveler, Donna found herself at a spiritual retreat one summer in the Canadian gulf islands, while she was at a cross roads in her life. It was here that she found the inspiration to take a leap of faith and become a yoga teacher.

Her yoga teacher training at the Spirit of Yoga with Laura McKinzie was life changing. She discovered much more than the physical practice of Yoga as she explored herself, the breath (Pranayama) and how the body functions energetically and anatomically.

The energetic flow of her classes leaves room for some organic movement while being creatively challenging. However she also offers up modifications for all levels of students.  She is currently undertaking her advanced yoga teacher training with a strong interest in Core Strength Vinyasa. Donna loves to share her passion for nature, life and yoga through her teaching.

Kimberlee Morrison

Yoga Instructor (CYT 500)

Kimberlee discovered yoga in 1998 when her grandmother handed her Robert Hittleman’s 28-Day Yoga Program. But her practice began in earnest in 2010 when she bought a 60-day unlimited package at a small studio near her job. At the time, she was a magazine editor, and despite living her dreams, she was stressed out, unhealthy and unhappy.

This 60-day pass became a gateway to a regular yoga practice and when that pass expired, Kimberlee found her way to a studio in Huntington Beach where she discovered an empowering community, and a practice that helped her find balance and strength -- physically, mentally, and emotionally as well. And it was in this community that she first heard the call to become a yoga teacher.

She earned her 500 hour certification at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where she got a well-rounded education and developed a passion for leading a strong and grounded yoga practice. Kimberlee’s mission is to dispel the idea that yoga is for the already flexible and strong, by empowering people to build a sustainable yoga practice, and connect to their own inner and outer strength.

Sara Gordan 

Pilates Instructor / 200 ERYT  RYT 500
Master Yoga Instructor  / Reiki Master


Sara discovered Pilates in 2014 when she began working at Pilates Tempe teaching yoga and meditation.  She is a 200ERYT RYT500 Master yoga instructor and has been a long time fan of the practice.  She is also Reiki master.  Yoga weaves together mind, body and breath to lead to a greater sense peace, health and happiness on the mat but more importantly out in the world! During her very first class she realized that Pilates shares the same attention to breath, fluid movement and body awareness and instantly fell in love!  After that making the choice to continue her fitness training and delve deeper into studying the mechanics of the body with Pilates certification was an easy one!  Sara’s philosophy is to be stay curious, have fun and always be open to learning something new.  She looks forward to sharing her passions and practicing with you!   

Jordan Kaplow

Pilates Instructor

Pilates instructor Chandler

Jordan graduated from Arizona State University in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Wellness, with a minor in Strength, Nutrition, and Personal Training.  Since 2011, Jordan has been certified as a Pilates mat and equipment instructor, and has been dabbling in other modalities of exercise on the side, along with increasing her level of education in the art of Pilates.  Jordan takes care of a boy with Autism during the day, and teaches mat Pilates, barre, and Pilates equipment classes at Body In Balance Yoga in the evening.  In her free time, she likes to do anything outdoors! Some of her favorite activities include kayaking, hiking, lounging in the pool, or just exploring the world and it's wonders with friends and family.  She is beyond excited to be a part of this exciting and fun-filled team of instructors at Body In Balance Yoga!

Tara Walker-Munroe 

RYT 500 Yoga Instructor

Tara with gong at graduation.jpg

Tara is an RYT-500 Yoga teacher and has a BA in dance.  She graduated from the 800 hour yoga teacher training program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in June of 2014.  She has taught Hatha at Studios 806 and Hatha-Gong tm at Good Karma Wellness Center in Phoenix.  Currently, she teaches at The River Source Holistic 12-Step Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center and assists Duane Armitage in his Hatha Gong tm teacher trainings at Spirit of Yoga. Tara is trained in Yoga for PTS, Yoga for the 12-step community, Hatha Gong, Yin and Restorative.  She loves the healing ability of yoga and enjoys bringing it to special populations.  

Rose Velasco

RYT Yoga Instructor


Rose Velasco was awakened to the healing powers of Yoga after many years of physical pain from a car accident she was in. Through her personal practice of this ancient science, Rose has found profound healing and personal insight through her practice of Yoga both on and off the mat. After many years of being on a path that did not serve the needs of her body, mind and soul, Rose decided to become a teacher of this modality so as to better serve people who are seeking to experience the clarity of mind, balance of body and serenity of soul that everyone is capable of but some not sure how to get there. 

Rose attended Southwest Institute of Healing Arts/ Spirit of Yoga in Tempe Arizona from January 2014 through February 2016 and has received certificates in Yoga Teacher Training, Holistic Nutrition, Urban Farming and has also received her Associates Degree in Mind Body Transformational Psychology. Rose also undertook training in Hatha Yoga, Transformational Yoga Coaching, Restorative Yoga,  Advanced adjustments and Advanced teaching techniques as well as an Ayurveda class. 

Rose believes that through healthy eating, self inquiry and self care that anyone and everyone can reach their highest potential, that thoughts, actions and decisions made out of pure Love for self and others can bring bliss to life.

Stephani Pumfrey

Yoga Instructor (YTT 200)

Stephani followed her heart and her love for yoga all the way to Arizona where she earned her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Spirit of Yoga, Unity Yoga Program.  She will earn her 500 hour Diploma at the end of 2016, promising to use her training to better contribute to the overall wellness of others through mind, body and spirit.

Stephani is a loving wife and mother; her hobbies are traveling, crafting, and spending time with her family.  She is very passionate about parenting and working with youth in order to promote love and kindness for all.  Stephani is originally from Kansas City, MO but has called many different cities and states home throughout her adult life, moving whenever and wherever the U.S. Army chooses to send her husband next.  

Abigail Miller

Yoga Instructor

Abbi discovered yoga in 2001 when she was living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She immediately fell in love with the practice when her teacher provided a special rosewater for the students to spray on after class. She loved the aromatherapy element and the idea of incorporating a little spa treatment into an exercise class. She decided to pursue teaching when she moved to Arizona in 2002 and received her 200-hour certification from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2004. Abbi specializes in teaching yin and restorative yoga, and she is currently working on becoming a barre instructor as well. She is passionate about making yoga an enjoyable and relaxing experience for her students.

Debbie Wright

Yoga Instructor (CYT)

Yoga is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to teach yoga to others. I began yoga as I realized my body was aging. So many exercise programs I had done over the years were no longer interesting. I began thinking about what I could do for the rest of my life. I kept seeing older individuals practice and decided to try it. It was not love at first warrior pose, but parts of me felt better. The more I practiced and perfected my poses the better I felt. The more I challenged myself the better I felt.  The opportunity to become a teacher came along and I leapt at the chance. It was during my teacher training I learned more about the affect yoga can have on the mind. I learned to use my breathing to calm myself, lower my blood pressure and quell any negative emotions. I learned the spiritual aspects of yoga and how yoga is more than just poses and breath. For me, yoga is a way of life.  I love my yoga practice. It makes me happy to share it. 

Courtney Mathias

Pilates Instructor

pilates instuctor

Growing up In upstate New York Courtney discovered  her passion for fitness and dance at the age of 8 years old. After college Courtney traveled abroad living in many different countries such as Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates where she taught dance and group fitness classes at a music and art school. 

When Courtney returned to the United States she discovered the Pilates practice falling in love with its benefits and impact it has had on millions through out the years. As a certified Instructor on all apparatus equipment and being In practice for 4 years Courtney continues teaching the integrity and precision of the Pilates method to not only create a well scultped fit body but most importantly helping to prevent future injuries by balancing the body through the Pilates practice.

Amanda Louise Moran

Yoga Instructor

Amanda is a creative and passionate individual who strives to inspire and give to others. She loves painting and designing jewelry to aid in her own mindfulness practice. Mindfulness and its impact on human potential to create has sparked a flame of passion that lights her way in inspiring others. In 2013 Amanda was diagnosed with ADHD and depression. Her doctor recommended yoga among other things to help her cope. Amanda has always been an active individual and going to the gym was always one of her number one ways to release tension and stress. Although she had heard about the benefits of yoga she was taken away by the way she felt after her first yoga class. She began attending weekly and slowly notices subtle changes in her mood and behavior, as well as her body. Amanda found that yoga helped to release the stuck emotions keeping her from achieving all that she could, whether it be school, work, or just life in general. As her love for yoga grew she decided to take the leap and get her certification for teaching yoga. In September of 2016 Amanda completed her 200 hour yoga teaching certification and found a connection to her truth so strong it sparked an array of creative ideas and opportunities to expand herself and others. She has an authentic nonjudgmental teaching style and compassion centered philosophy creating a safe place for others. Availing herself to continuous growth through literature and spiritual practices, she shows commitment and dedication to her mission of growing herself in order to educate others on the tools they already posses to function from a place of compassion and access the truth of their potential: we are infinite beings, capable of anything.

Joan Lloyd-Collins

Yoga Instructor (RYT 500)

yoga instructor joan collins

Joan Lloyd-Collins acquired her 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher certification through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona and is certified as RYT 500.  Joan’s classes embody stretching and fluid movement that utilizes breath, weaved in with themes designed to produce mental and physical balance and bring that sense of well-being that yoga is uniquely capable of achieving.  Joan has completed training in YIN, and  Restorative, and is certified in Yoga Nidra (Amrit method), Hatha-Gong™, and Yoga for PTSD. Joan began practicing yoga in 2005 as part of a desire to recalibrate her mind and body to counteract the challenges of work/life balance.  As a registered nurse, she brings to her yoga a rich knowledge of anatomy, body mechanics and alignment, and a deep awareness of the benefits of maintaining a healthy body through diet, meditation, exercise and yoga.  Joan holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a master’s in Health Policy from the University of California San Francisco.  Joan enjoys hiking and biking, tending her organic vegetable garden, sitting in the sunshine, books (the ones from paper), animals (of all kinds), her boxer Imogen, and bringing the joys and benefits of yoga to all persons she meets.

Grant Ifflander

Grant found yoga by paying attention to the 'random' whispering voice within, when it told him to purchase a 30-day unlimited trial Groupon. Through the practice, he found that this seemingly 'random' voice tended to lead to greater fulfillment in life than anything we can comprehend with the limits of our mind. Due to innate curiosity, Grant began to practice and study yoga and her sister sciences to better understand the seeming magic that was occurring . From where did this voice come? From where was this profound sense of peace bubbling forth? His Western science oriented mind struggled to rationalize - to create answers to unanswerable questions. Ultimately , radical transformation was occurring as Grant continued to surrender to the unknown. It is through this surrender, a surrender into love, that he has felt our eternal essence. The subtle, underlying current of energy which connects and animates us all. Grant hopes to share this greatest of all gifts by offering back to the Universe that which has been granted to him , by being of service to others through unconditional love. His yoga practice is a unique blend of thought-provoking philosophy and transformational asana, sequenced in a way to assist you in looking within; to move beyond the mind as the journey takes you closer and closer to the spirit

Natalie Hewitt

RYT 600 hour Yoga Instructor

Natalie Hewitt Yoga Instructor

Natalie is a quirky, fun-loving, free spirit that spent much of her life trying to fit a mold formed by outside judgement and expectations. At age 21, yoga found its way into her life. Although Natalie’s yoga journey started out of a desire for a physical change,  she slowly began to notice a greater unfolding occurring. On this path she gained a new level of self acceptance and confidence that helped her break free from the mold and become more in tune with her true self. In 2015 she decided she wanted to offer this powerful gift to others, so she began the Yoga Teacher Training program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. In August 2015 she became a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, and she continued to complete her 600 hour training in March of 2017. Natalie currently teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative and she loves to incorporate sound healing and aromatherapy. In each of her classes, Natalie aims to provide a space where individuals can break free from the fear of judgement and stand powerfully in their true nature. 

Angelica Grossberg

Yoga Instructor

With over 10 years of practice behind her, Angelica brings a beautiful balance of experience and exploration into her classes, encouraging students to abandon any kind of expectations or worries and simply be present within the inner journey of the yoga practice. Angelica completed her RYT-200 certification with Ben Wisch at Flow Yoga Studio in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ and has a Thai Yoga Therapy certification from the Lotus Palm School. She is currently working on the advanced 300-hour Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy program at Inner Vision Yoga. “I am blessed to be a teacher, and honor my teachers and their teachers who inspire me every day of my life. To Tanner Bazemore, Shanon Gannon, David Life, Johnna Smith, Barron Baptiste, Ben Wisch, Dianna Liberty, Sukha Wong and many more, I bow in gratitude. In Yoga, there is no good or bad, no beginning or end…just new possibilities in every breath. I seek to share a class with deep commitment, the highest intention, and uplifting energy. I look forward to seeing you soon on the mat! Namaste"

Damita Radtke

Front Desk 


Damita Radtke has a diverse professional background in several areas of business. Her early endeavors include holding positions within government agencies and non-profit organizations where she assisted upper level executives, and legal professionals. She holds an Associates of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies, and specializes in working with Special Needs Families and their children.

Damita has spent the past couple of years exploring and learning more on Eastern Traditions, Meditation, and Mindfulness Practices. To increase her flexibility and mental clarity she started learning Yoga under Evelyn Streeb, Owner and Lead Yoga Teacher of Body in Balance. She strongly believes in the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness Practice and is volunteering at the studio as a student.