Happy Hips & Shoulders Yoga

What is Happy Hips and Shoulders Yoga and why I am so passionate about it?

Rose Velasco - Happy Hips & Shoulders Creator & Yoga Instructor

Rose Velasco - Happy Hips & Shoulders Creator & Yoga Instructor

This idea was originally born out of my own personal practice and the need to loosen my hips and strengthen my shoulders to make inversions more accessible for myself.

Then I realized that as people age, such as myself, they acquire tight hips and weak shoulders.

The more I practiced and felt the benefits in my body, the more I wanted to share this with others, whether they be new to yoga or seasoned practitioners.

What are the benefits?

For so many people daily life seems to take the front seat. We work a lot - sitting, standing or driving for many hours. Some people try to balance that with exercise, whether that be walking, running, cycling swimming or cardio, but how many of us spend quality time stretching our muscles, tendons and ligaments? Lack of stretching leads to immobility of joints, mainly the hips and shoulders, causing stiffness and, often at times, pain. How does your lower back feel? How about the muscles between your shoulder blades? Where do you carry your stress? We spend a lot of time on our cell phones, computers and tablets, hunched over. This shortens the muscles in the front of the shoulders, this atrophies the hip flexor muscles.

In Happy Hips and Shoulders we stretch the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the hips and shoulder girdle then move into strengthening the muscles around the shoulders bringing a balance to the upper and lower halves of the body. You may notice a difference after the first class but give a month or so and you will notice a difference not only in sustaining poses on your mat in various classes but off the mat in your daily routine as well. 

- Rose Velasco - Happy Hips & Shoulders Yoga Teacher and Creator. 

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Rose Velasco was awakened to the healing powers of Yoga after many years of physical pain from a car accident she was in. Through her personal practice of this ancient science, Rose has found profound healing and personal insight through her practice of Yoga both on and off the mat. After many years of being on a path that did not serve the needs of her body, mind and soul, Rose decided to become a teacher of this modality so as to better serve people who are seeking to experience the clarity of mind, balance of body and serenity of soul that everyone is capable of but some not sure how to get there. 

Rose attended Southwest Institute of Healing Arts/ Spirit of Yoga in Tempe Arizona from January 2014 through February 2016 and has received certificates in Yoga Teacher Training, Holistic Nutrition, Urban Farming and has also received her Associates Degree in Mind Body Transformational Psychology. Rose also undertook training in Hatha Yoga, Transformational Yoga Coaching, Restorative Yoga,  Advanced adjustments and Advanced teaching techniques as well as an Ayurveda class. 

Rose believes that through healthy eating, self inquiry and self care that anyone and everyone can reach their highest potential, that thoughts, actions and decisions made out of pure Love for self and others can bring bliss to life.