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Jeeva Lifestyle - Mindful Living with Ayurveda

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Ayurveda Specialist and Lifestyle Coach

Ayurveda Specialist and Lifestyle Coach

Meet Akshata (Akee) Sheelvant, the creator and  owner of Jeeva Lifestyle. Jeeva Lifestyle is a journey towards a “mindful”  lifestyle which incorporates ancient ayurvedic wisdom with modern western practicality. Akee Sheelvant consults and guides her clients into living a healthy and balanced lifestyle to discover their inner Self.

The pillars of Akee's Jeeva Lifestyle consist of:

  •   Healthy Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free/ Raw Recipes
  •   Ayurvedic Recipes
  •   Articles on Ayurveda
  •   Nutrition and Diet
  •   Spiritual Inspiration and Quotes

Her quote “Real change comes with a conscious mind and not with a fearful mind”,  leads us into contemplation as human beings about our current driving force: Fear.

As human beings, we are goal-oriented species - always striving to be healthy, to look good to impress others, to buy things to fit in. These fear based actions are only temporary fixes. For a real change to take place we need to have a real lofty goal ahead of us which will lead us to our ultimate destination.

And so Ayurveda teaches us that in order to live a wholesome life; we need to look at life’s “bigger picture”. The main goal of ayurveda is to lead us back to our perfect state of well-being: physically, mentally, and spiritually. This perfect state is, as Akee says; our Jeeva!

On Jeeva Lifestyle’s website, Akee Sheelvant shares recipes and articles that will empower, encourage, and motivate you, to do the “right” thing for your Jeeva.

About Akshata Sheelvant

Akee always had a deep quest inside her to bring balance to one’s life. Through reading, researching and contemplation, she eventually came to an intuitive realization – to bring balance and moderation to ones life, one needs to tie the knot between the ancient Eastern wisdom and contemporary Western practicality.

Jeeva Lifestyle is a platform that showcases her efforts in striving to bring balance in her own life. Growing up in India, she was first introduced to Ayurveda and other natural therapies at an early age, when her dad was completely healed from Rheumatoid Arthritis. From then on, her thirst for learning and practicing Ayurveda grew steadily, metamorphosing into living a salubrious lifestyle.

The Ayurvedic saying let ‘food be thy medicine’ is a living mantra in her own personal life. Through Ayurveda she was able to completely heal her hypothyroidism.

Akee uses Ayurvedic principles to make food her medicine. She blends food with seasonal herbs ‘dosha’ (specific organic Ayurvedic herbs/spices). Her forte is crafting multi-cuisine, nutritiously delicious food-medicine that helps her clients with endocrine health, diabetes management, weight loss, hormone balance and other lifestyle disorders. A  common denominator in all her workshops, classes, and writings is a silent spiritual undercurrent. 


  • Intro to Ayurveda
  • Balance your Pitta Summer Ayurveda Workshop