Immersive Sound Bath with Tom Montagliano

When: Friday 28th July 2017
Where: Body in Balance Yoga, 6150 West Chandler Blvd Suite 17 Chandler, AZ 85226
Cost: $10 / person

Immerse yourself in the spatial sounds of New York Artist, Tom Montagliano, when his 2017 Summer Tour comes to Chandler. Body in Balance will be hosting this unique sound bath. Don't miss it - it's one of a kind!

This is not an ordinary, traditional sound Immersion experience. Instead of traditional instruments such as glass bowls or gongs, sounds will be created within a circle of 8 independent speakers utilizing the infinite possibilities of electronic sounds. With this unique setup, the movement and frequency of the sounds can be controlled at a very precise level using the custom software that we have created to move sound in a circular pattern. The cyclical nature of the swirling sounds invokes a blissful and peaceful trancelike state unlike any other.

Additionally, because the sounds selected are neutral (not from nature or traditional instruments) it enables listeners to become easily immersed in thought and to effortlessly project their own imagery onto the soundscape.

The session itself begins by inviting the group to create a cozy place for themselves on the floor with pads, blankets, pillows and perhaps an eye cover. A brief introduction, greeting and intention setting is followed by 50 minutes of ambient electronic music created with 8 speakers around the group. After the immersion comes to a gentle close, the session ends with a few minutes of silence as they slowly return to awareness.