Interview with one of our Clients - her Pilates Reformer Experience

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Elizabeth Stanbridge first tried Pilates at the gym and really liked it. She was training with a personal trainer at the gym, trying to get back in shape  after years of not exercising.  At the time, her kids were at Redline Athletics and that's how she first heard about Body in Balance Yoga (back then it was still Studio J). She started Pilates and Yoga classes and hasn't looked back since! Elizabeth shares with us how Pilates has changed her confidence in her body exercise awareness.

Q: On a scale of 1 - 10 how did you feel when you first started taking classes at the studio?
A: I felt fairly strong (from the gym) but not balanced. Maybe 5,6/10.

Q: Results: where are you now and how do you feel?
A: Probably 8/10 - I have more work to do. I am more flexible. I feel like I am not as prone to injury, because my core and stabilizer muscles are stronger. I feel more confident because of the relationship I've developed with Jordan as a Pilates instructor. I trust that she will push me, but knows my limits. I am learning to analyse aches and pains and plateaus, and am learning to figure out what to do with them. The instructors have helped a lot with that learning (mainly Jordan and Rose). 

Q: What's next?
A: Keep going, keep learning, keep getting stronger and more flexible. The inclusive environment here makes it feel like I'm missing something in my life when I can't/ don't come to class.