Free Reformer Session for First-Timers

Never tried out the Pilates Reformer Machines before? Curious? Well then, now is your chance!

Jordan Kaplow from Body in Balance Yoga in Chandler will be offering 5 new reformer students a FREE half hour session on Thursday, August 3rd at 6.30pm. Sign up now - first 5 people to sign up are in!  

Benefits of Reformer: Core & Posture

This is a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of the Pilates Reformer apparatus, specifically designed for better body health, flexibility and body awareness. Unlike Mat Pilates, reformer has special core-building benefits. Using the resistance of the pulley and spring system more resistance is created than what you get with just your body weight on a mat. This system allows for  better posture and coordination than you would with a Mat or classic fitness core routine.

Pilates reformer is an excellent overall workout for your body’s core: abs, lower back, hips and gluts. It is heavily focused on alignment and accurate muscle engagement, which can lead to improved posture, better balance and more stability, especially when in motion. Combining regular reformer sessions with other forms of exercise creates an integrated, stable body that moves well and is at less at risk to injury. Focusing on how your mind and body relate as you work through the movements helps bolster overall concentration and improves body awareness. The fluid, rhythmic movements performed on the reformer make you feel as though you’re almost gliding through water. The calming motions of the reformer exercises can be a tremendous stress-reliever. 

Pilates reformer instructor

Jordan Kaplow Pilates Reformer Instructor

Jordan graduated from Arizona State University in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Wellness, with a minor in Strength, Nutrition, and Personal Training.  Since 2011, Jordan has been certified as a Pilates mat and equipment instructor, and has been dabbling in other modalities of exercise on the side, along with increasing her level of education in the art of Pilates. 


History of the Pilates Reformer Machine

The system of lying on a platform using springs, ropes, handles and foot bars goes bak to the 1900s when bed ridden patients had to exercise in bed. The inventor of the reformer machine, Joseph Pilates, intended to help people recover by relearning how it the body was meant to move. Creating an intricate piece of machinery with a sliding platform, helps the body flow and move against resistance to gain strength, stability and fluidity.