Workshop: Reclaim Your Sleep. Wake Up Transformed


Date:  Friday, 17th November
Time:  6-9pm
Venue: Body in Balance Yoga, Chandler AZ

Workshop Description:
In life, time is of the essence, but did you know that 50% of our lives are spent in sleep? It is the most time-consuming activity in which we will partake in our lives. Sleep is the time for our "Energizer Bunny" selves to recharge and recoup. Without restful sleep, our bodies and minds start to fall apart, which results in insomnia, irritability, and lack of productivity. And the impact of poor sleep goes beyond the physical. It strains our relationships, feeds into our negative self-talk, and creates energetic stagnation in our lives. This transformational workshop will look not only at why you are not sleeping well, but what you can do about it. Join Dr. Cory Ostroot and guest teacher, Jessica Waala, RYT to take action to get your restful sleep back and start living the life you love.

Dr. Cory Ostroot, ND’s passion for medicine began when his mother became ill in her late 30s and doctors couldn’t find the cause. With the help of alternative medicine, he saw her health return. At the very same age, Dr. Ostroot developed similar symptoms and was cured of an autoimmune condition. In finding his health again, he was able to see how important his thoughts were and the impact they left on his mind and body. Just as important as putting in the right nutrients into his body, he found putting compassionate thoughts, positive actions, and self-care to his life was just as beneficial. As a result, his calling has been to lead transformational workshops in life and health so that others can find peace in their body and mind.

Jessica Waala is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Self-Love Warrior coach, guiding you to fiercely love who you are and who you are becoming. Her journey began in 2011 when she discovered yoga, meditation, and breathwork during Art of Living workshops in college. Through these practices, she found healing for past trauma, anxiety, and ultimately developed true self-compassion. With her work at Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism and teaching internationally anywhere from Myanmar to Peru, she knows deeply in her heart that her calling is to share these practices with others, so that they may come home to themselves, and to inspire others to live a life they are in love with.

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