Yin Yoga Workshop Chandler, December 2017


Yoga teachers and students! Are you interested in immersing yourself in a Yin Yoga learning experience? We are lucky to have Earl Dusky teaching at Body in Balance and now also hosting a weekend elective of Yin Yoga! Earle E Duskey is an E-RYAT 500, YACEP certified yoga instructor. He has been teaching YIN since 2003 and learned with Paul Grilley.

This course is CE Certified (Yoga Alliance) if both weekends are taken.  


First Weekend

December 2nd & 3rd. (Saturday and Sunday) 12pm - 6pm

•             All Students Welcome.

•             Overview of Yin’s starting and it’s popularity.

•             Anatomy, physiology overview and benefits.

•             Meridian overview and how Yin affects them.

•             Energy Systems involved.

•             How to perfect your own practice of YIN.

•             Tao’s spiritual essence & how it affects the pose.


Second Weekend

December 9th & 10th. (Saturday and Sunday) 12pm - 6pm

•             CE Certified (Yoga Alliance) if both weekends are taken

•             Applying Adjustments to Yin, when, how, why & Observing patterns.

•             Verbal Cues and comforting music.

•             How to work with props, plenty to none & benefits of both.

•             Variations, add-ons, adaptations of poses & when to stick to the basics.

•             Tao’s spiritual essence and how to introduce it to the class.

•             Tying it all together.



Early Bird sign up: Per weekend.

•             First weekend is for everyone, second weekend instructors, Both required for CE’s.

•             Pay before 17th of November.  ONLY $96 (Both weekend $ 192

•             Pay before 1st of December. $ 108.00 (Both weekends $ 216

•             Pay 2 December, $ 120 (Both weekends $240)





•             Recommended book, Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice by Paull Grilley

•             Supplies will be there however it’s always nice to have the comfort of your own.

•             Saturday Noon Yin is part of the class.